Scottish genealogy DNA testing from Ethnoancestry in partnership with Scots Family Scottish genealogy DNA tests from Ethnoancestry in partnership with Scots Family .

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 DNA testing by Ethnoancestry will expertly reveal your Scottish genetic ancestry


When the paper trail in Scotland runs cold, today there is another powerful tool to use for  your Scottish genealogy search - your DNA.

People with Scottish ancestral links can determine whether their Scottish ancestry is  linked to the early Pict settlers of Scotland, the colonising Norse Vikings, or to early medieval Ireland.

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The Picts are believed to be the descendants of the first people to colonise Scotland after the glaciers retreated at the end of the last ice age. Until recently the degree to which present day Scots (and their diaspora) are descended from these mysterious people was unknown. However, recent genetic analysis has revealed the existence of two Pictish Y chromosome signatures which are most common in Scotland, but rarely seen in England or continental Europe. T

The Norse Vikings spread out from their native Scandinavia in their seaworthy longships in the Viking age, starting around AD 793. Although famous for looting and pillaging, genetic evidence attests their colonisation of Iceland, the Faeroes, the Northern Isles of Scotland and to a lesser degree other parts of Scotland and England, and the Isle of Man. The Haploview test will determine whether your relationship is to one of a number of Viking signatures.

Somerled - Lord of the Isles
Somerled  (c1100-1164) , King of Argyll and the Isles, is known for driving the Vikings out of the Hebrides. His dynasty, the Lordship of the Isles, ruled the Hebrides till 1493. Genetic analysis of several Chiefs of Clan Donald with documented descent from Somerled, showed that all share the same Y chromosome type, confirming their genealogies. This type is carried by tens of thousands of men today with names like MacDonald and MacDougall. The Haploview test will determine your relationship to the Somerled haplotype.

Medieval Ireland - Niall of the Nine Hostages
Recent genetic studies at Trinity College Dublin have discovered the genetic signature of the most important dynasty of early medieval Ireland, the Ui Niell, literally the descendants of Niall, a fifth century warlord whose descendants claimed the high kingship of Ireland. The Haploview test will look for these genetic markers. Possession of the Medieval Irish type in a Scot with a typical Scottish surname is a good indicator of Dalriadic Scots origins.



Your Scottish DNA test revealing your deep Scottish ancestry

Your Scottish DNA test revealing your deep Scottish ancestry
Your Scottish DNA test revealing your deep Scottish ancestry

Major Y chromosome haplogroups of the world from Ethnoancestry




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