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This intriguing book contains a collection of over 200 photographs and a wealth of superbly presented facts, anecdotes and opinions, taking the reader on a pictorial tour of Larkhall and the way it once was. The author has managed to capture a real sense of the town's history in the past 100 years - its changes, continuities and the communities that inhabited it.
The photographs, which come from a variety of local sources, contain evocative and nostalgic images of the street, shops, churches and the people that have made Larkhall what it is today. From Millheugh to London Street, from Harry Dawson to the famous Hamilton nobility, the people and places are what make this book so special

Particular focus is also given to the handloom weaving trade and the mining industries of this area which were crucial in shaping the town, while a selection of old advertisments help to give a flavour of Larkhall's community as it was in years gone by.

Anyone who has ever lived or worked in Larkhall will have their memories rekindled by these images of years gone by, and those who have known relatives or ancestors from Larkhall can better picture their lives.

Harry Dawson - Larkhall

Harry Dawson


Larkhall as it used to be




Larkhall as it now is


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