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Lanark  & The Clyde Valley

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Lanark & Clyde Valley - Helen Moir book

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Lanark and the Clyde Valley have played a central role in the history of Scotland since pre-Roman times.
From being the site of an early Scottish Parliament, Lanark county was also where William Wallace began his battle for Scottish Independence against the English.

In the late eighteenth century, David Dale, a Glasgow banker and Richard Arkwright, inventor of the Spinning Jenny, constructed a village and textile mill in a narrow gorge on the banks of the River Clyde. This village, called New Lanark, was soon to become world famous. Robert Owen, Dale's son-in-law took over management of the mills in 1880. From being a tyrannical boss, he slowly changed his ways and New Lanark became a model workplace where new ideas of labour relations and working conditions were tried.
Owen argued that a well educated and well housed workforce would be more content and therefore efficient. Today his once radical ideas are common in the workplace .

 The New Lanark mills and buildings have been beautifully renovated and are today a  World Heritage Site.

From Lanark street scenes to Lanimer processions, from Tillietudlem to Milton Lockhart Castle, now transported to Japan, stone by stone, there is much in this collection to remind residents of a time long gone when life was more tranquil and when events of world importance happened in the Valley of the Clyde.

Another first for the area was the Scottish International Aviation Meeting of 1910. This was the first time that aircraft had been seen in numbers in Scotland, and the meeting attracted the best of Europe's fledgling pilots. Nineteen plots gave over 100.000 people their first taste of the radical new flying machines.

Another beautiful book  from the author Helen Moir.   

William Wallace monument -Lanark




                               William Wallace monument

Lanark High Street

High Street, old Lanark

     Popinjay Hotel, Lanarkshire




                                 Popinjay Hotel

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