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Lanarkshire history- Bellshill

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Lanarkshire history book
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Bellshill - Images of Scotland


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Bellshill has a long history. The town, as we know it today, was first recorded on Timothy Pont's map of 1654 and was a small hamlet known as Belmill. The original village was situated to the east end of Viewpark and was originally a row of houses occupied by workers in a Mr Bell's quarry. When the quarry closed the village declined and a new settlement grew around Crossgates. Sometime around 1810 this village became known as Bellshill and the town has grown ever since. 

Originally an agricultural hamlet, the town grew as coal and ironstone were discovered underground., There was a period of rapid expansion and immigration into the area as people came to work in the new collieries. Many people came to the area from Lithuania (then a persecuted part of Russia) and the town has been a centre of Lithuania culture ever since, at one time boasting its own Lithuanian-language newspaper. 

128 pages paperback , over 200 photos. 

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