Scotlands people and places in historical photos from Scots Family Scotland's people and places in historical photos from Scots Family.

Scotlands people and places        

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Scotland's people and places in historical photographs from all over Scotland will help you imagine the life and times of the people in your family tree.

Scotlands people - soldier of 42nd Highland Regiment in 1850's

Scotland's people - Shetland boat crew in a sixareen off Unst Scotlands people- Children playing in Medlem village, Roxburghshire Scotland's people - Crofters on Skye using the "cas crom" foot plough Scotlands people- railwaymen of the Caledonian Railway

Scots Family can assist you to find prints of these and many other old photos relevant to the life of Scotland's people- your Scottish ancestors.
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And we can take photographs of your ancestor's farm, townhouse, church or gravestone, either by ourselves, or on a guided tour with you .

Scotland's places- deserted and ruined croft house on Orkney

Scotland's places -Main Street in Ayton, Berwickshire today

  Scotland's people - Motherwell Scotland's people- Airdrie Scotland's people - Lanark & the Clyde valley Scotland's people- Wishaw Scotland's people- Larkhall Scotland's people - Coatbridge new : Bellshill 

Illustrated books on the history of Lanarkshire towns - Coatbridge, Motherwell, Airdrie, Wishaw,  Larkhall and the Clyde Valley. 
Every book has over 200 images of the streets, industries and people which made these towns.             more details

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