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Scottish cemeteries and their gravestones - professional photographs  taken in churchyards all over Scotland  

Scottish gravestones -Headstone inscription in a Kinross cemetery
 The gravestone inscription can impart so much valuable information about your ancestor, the deceased, other family members, where they lived and even their occupation. 

Full  list of current Scottish cemeteries & crematoria  

Scots Family recommends Ancestral Scotland for quality photographs of your ancestors cemeteries, gravestones and churches. They will also take photos of :

The house your ancestors lived in
The school they attended
The church where they married
The countryside they knew
The headstone marking your ancestors' grave

The Bereavement Services Portal offers a free information resource on over 3500 cemeteries, crematoria and burial grounds throughout UK  

Scottish cemetery - Ruined church with gravestones

Browse  Ancestral Scotland  for more information about their personalised photography service and how to order photos to complement your Scottish family tree.


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