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Burke's Peerage & Gentry 

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Burke's Peerage and Gentry    Great Britain

Burke's Peerage


This notable guide to the aristocracy, noble families and titles in Scotland, England and Wales was recently re-published in 1999. With over 3,400 pages, it is made up in two volumes and contained in a slip case. The book includes a number of new departures from previous editions, such as a complete listing of the 108,000 living persons .

Publisher's Preface
The Irish Peers and the House of Lords
Forms of Inheritance of Titles of Honour
Reader's Guide
Heraldic Glossary
Surnames of Peerage Families
The Royal Family
The Records  



Burkes Landed Gentry ScotlandFor more than 170 years, Burke's Landed Gentry has been an invaluable genealogical guide to notable families and their histories throughout the British Isles. For this, the 19th Edition, Scotland is the first volume - Burke's Landed Gentry The Kingdom in Scotland, published in 2001. 
It is some 1,500 pages in length, complete with fully updated lineages of 650 Scottish families and the biographies of over 850 of Scotland's leading individuals.  

Editorial Introduction.
Publisher's Foreword.
* Farewell to Feudalism. Author: David Sellar, writer on Scottish history, legal history and Highland genealogy.
* Heraldry and Landed Families in Scotland. Author: Elizabeth Roads, MVO. Lyon Clerk and Keeper of the Records. Carrick Pursuivant.
*The Scots - Who Are They? How do they see Themselves. Author: Roddy Martine, editor of Caledonian Magazine, journalist and broadcaster.
User Guide.
Heraldic Glossary.
Precedence in Scotland:
Forms of Address.
Scottish Royal Lineage.
Scottish Families Section.
Biographical Section. 

- Scottish Life Peers & Law Lords.
- Scottish Parliamentary (including MPs, MEPs and MSPs.
- The Royal Household in Scotland:
- Officers of the Queen's Body Guard for Scotland. Royal Co of Archers.
- Scottish Lord Lieutenant.
- The Court of the Lord Lyon King of Arms.
- Scottish Chiefs of Names and Clans.
- Knights of the Most Ancient and Most Noble Order of the Thistle.
- Scottish Feudal Barons (recognised by the Lord Lyon King of Arms).
- Scottish Archbishops and Bishops.
- Scottish Tartan Section.



Individuals can either subscribe to the data base for an access period of 24 hours, or for one year. Whichever time plan you choose, you are guaranteed access to the definitive guide to leading families and their lineages within the British Isles.

A subscription to Burke's Peerage & Gentry online provides access to over 5,000 family records from the following collections:

  • Burke's Peerage & Baronetage 106th Edition.
  • Burke's Landed Gentry Scotland 19th Edition (continually updated).
  • Burke's Landed Gentry England & Wales 18th Edition.
  • Now includes ATAVUS - an exclusive e-magazine (more).

The Scottish families have been completely updated and complemented by extra family records to ensure that this collection becomes a comprehensive guide to titled and untitled members of the modern establishment. Family records from the other regions of the British Isles will be brought completely up to date over the next few years.


Burke's Peerage and Gentry


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