Scots Family for all your Scottish genealogy needs

Scots Family for all your Scottish genealogy needs.

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Motherwell history - Lanarkshire towns book

 Lanarkshire towns - 
Images of Scotland history books

These intriguing books contain hundreds of historical photographs of Lanarkshire towns and their communities , with a wealth of superbly presented facts and ancecdotes . The author Helen Moir captures a  sense of history in the past 100 years of life and work in these towns. The people and places are what makes these books so special. 

Click on book covers to read more detail    Bellshill - Images of Scotland  Bellshill             

Larkhall history - Lanarkshire towns book


My Mother in Lincolnshire is absolutely thrilled with the Motherwell book, a real  trip down memory lane.  You have helped to make one silver-haired little old lady very happy!! Many many thanks. Lottie Woolridge, England


              Coatbridge history - Lanarkshire towns book

Airdrie - Lanarkshire towns book

Lanark & Clyde Valley history - Lanarkshire towns book

Wishaw history - Lanarkshire towns book

Coatbridge Airdrie Lanark & Clyde Valley Wishaw 
   I just wanted to let you know that the Airdrie book that you sent me has arrived in one piece! It looks great - it is a Christmas present for my husband who is researching our family trees and a lot of his relations are from Airdrie.Thank you for your prompt service and shipment and I look forward to dealing with you again in the future. Regards, Carolyn Doherty, Western Australia

Recommended books on Scottish Ancestry 

Tracing Your Scottish Ancestors: The Official Guide to Ancestry Research in the National Archives of Scotland.

by National Archives of Scotland 

Tracing Scottish Local History: A Guide to Local History Research in the Scottish Record Office

by Cecil Sinclair ( Scottish Record Office) 

Discover Your Scottish Ancestry : Internet and Traditional Resources

by Graham S.Holton

Tracing Your Scottish Ancestry

Tracing your Scottish Ancestry - Third Edition

by Kathleen B. Cory 

Tracing Scottish Ancestors

by Rosemary Bigwood

A Genealogist's Guide to Discovering Your Scottish Ancestors

by Linda Jonas

Scottish Roots: A Step-By-Step Guide for Ancestor-Hunters in Scotland and Elsewhere

by Alwyn James

Your Scottish Ancestry: A Guide for North Americans

by Sherry Irvine


Books on Scottish names

The Surnames of Scotland : Their Origin, Meaning and History

by George F. Black

Scottish Surnames

by David Dorward

The Book of Scottish Names

by Ian Zaczek

Scottish Surnames

Scottish Surnames and Families

by Donald Whyte


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