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Scottish ancestry revealed - Mrs Margaret MacNaughton of Inverlochlarig 1896
Do you need to explore your Scottish ancestry on your father's side, or mother's side, or both?
Or are you searching for the birth or marriage record for a particular person?

Scots Family will help you research and explore your family history in Scotland

We have access to a full range of original historical records:

  • Sample page from a Scottish ancestry and family history report by Scots FamiliyBirth, marriage and death certificates in Scotland from 1855 to present.

  • Parish church baptisms and marriages from 1600-1700's to 1854.

  • Census of households every ten years from 1841 to 1911

  • Wills, testaments and personal estate inventories.

  • Archival records of kirk sessions, trade guilds, Court deeds,
    property Sasines and land rentals.

In the final Scottish ancestry research research report, transcripts of original records are included.  Certificate copies also available as required. 


All Scottish ancestry searches are free, and guaranteed successful  or no payment is required.  We will prove it to you.      Ask Scots Family

What about the quality of the research?     Ask our clients.

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Visiting your places of family interest in Scotland ?

As well as researching records of your Scottish ancestors we can help deepen your understanding  about their lives, where they lived and worked, and died.

Scots Family can accompany and guide you on a personal  family history voyage of discovery – whether it be to town houses, farms in the country, or the church where your ancestors were married . Dr Brian Thomson, principal genealogist as tour guide.  

English or Welsh ancestry ?   

Scots Family can also now locate records of your family in England and Wales. Send us your enquiry , or contact researcher  Alan Thomson directly in London. Alan  has access to all the main genealogical archives and libraries in greater London, and beyond to English regional sources.

or Irish ancestors ? Contact genealogist Dr Nick Barrat and mention Scots Family

Scottish property research on your home  or business premises in Scotland   Tracing your property history ?

Find the history of your home , or your business premises in Scotland , and increase its value with Scottish Property Research
   Your DNA helix will reveal your Scottish genetic genealogy through accurate DNA testing

Your DNA test
When the paper trail in Scotland runs cold, today there is another powerful tool to use for  your Scottish genealogy search - your DNA. (from a saliva sample) 

 For people with Scottish ancestral links, Ethnoancestry have developed a unique DNA test . They will determine whether your Scottish ancestry is  linked to the early Pict settlers of Scotland, the colonising Norse Vikings, or to early medieval Ireland.

Ethnoancestry provide accurate DNA testing and expert analysis of your DNA profile

Burke's Peerage Aristocratic family ?
Believe your British ancestry is from a titled family, or the landed gentry ? You can search Burke's Peerage & Landed Gentry guides in book form or on-line. 

passenger ships from Scotland

Immigrant ancestor?
Was your ancestor one of hundreds of thousands of Scots who left Scottish shores ? Check  Scottish ancestry research study on ships,  passengers and immigrants from Scotland to North America from 1600's to 1800's.


American family ?
If you first need to trace back your North American family before you can start on your Scottish ancestry, then the data bases at can be essential viewing. Try a free trial now.

Interested in the history of  Scots in America? see Celtic America

Uk birth adoption register

Looking for birth parents or siblings? You can search the adoption data-base by enrolling in the UK Birth Adoption Register

Scotlands Family is a Scottish genealogy portal offering people help to research their Scottish ancestors
Free online records ?
Scotland's genealogy portal Scotlands Family offers a wide range of online records and information to help all those researching their Scottish ancestors.
 Scottish ancestry- Clan crest badges

Scottish Clan Crest?


And no matter what you are researching worldwide, share your ancestral findings and background
with other family members and keep in touch with newly found ones with a family website from

Scots Family will help you reveal your Scottish ancestry 

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